Bigfoot, Tobin & Me


Lemonade Liberty Witt isn’t overly impressed by the stick, birdseed and bark breakfasts served by her grandfather. Liberty is forced to get to know him and his small town, which she considers is like Jupiter. Becoming an accidental assistant to Tobin Sky, founder of Bigfoot Detectives Inc., means facing allergies, outdoor camping toilet arrangements, gangrene, bug infestation, steer pats, mid tarsal footprints- and the need to use her lemonade sweetness to build friendships. All the while, Lemonade is dealing with the deep ache of losing her beloved mother.

‘Bigfoot, Tobin and Me‘ is text simple, but heavy with pathos, warmth, adventure and humour. Well done to Chicken House for bringing this lovely American title to British readers.

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Bigfoot, Tobin & Me

Melissa Savage

(Chicken House)

‘Bigfoot, Tobin & Me‘ introduces us to Lemonade, acclimatising to small town life with her grandfather, losing her mother, and a strange new friend. This is a warm, funny and determined story that our readers love and recommend.


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