Billy and the Dragon


Billy and Fat Cat are dressed up and ready for the party. They greet Fox, Hedgehog, mice and the adorable bunny rabbits as they enter. Fat Cat is just about to launch into his first taste from promised party spread, when…. ‘something big and mysterious swoop[s] down‘ and grabs him. What will Billy do?

Fortunate readers familiar with Billy through Billy and the Beast know our heroine is no shrinking violet. Despite the hesitation of her fellow partygoers, and the difficult terrain through which Fat Cat has been carried, Billy is undeterred. She won’t stop for pudding! First, a tree. How can Billy get to the top of a very tall tree to rescue Fat Cat? Ideas anyone?

‘Billy and the Dragon‘ is laugh out loud delightful, clever and original. I love the interplay of the characters- there is so much to be inferred and enjoyed. This title is guaranteed to be a favourite selection at bedtime and in story sharing sessions. Bookwagon is proud and delighted to recommend and sell this perfectly wonderful picture book.


Billy and the Dragon

Nadia Shireen

(Jonathan Cape)

Fat Cat is not overjoyed at dressing up for the party, but Billy has promised him there’ll be cake. After greetings to other guests, it’s time for Fat Cat to hit the party table… Thus begins the adventure that is ‘Billy and the Dragon’.
Will Billy rescue Fat Cat? Can her friends rouse themselves from their partying to help out? Could a tall tree be Billy’s undoing? Above all, why is the dragon so insistent on having Fat Cat?
Nadia Shireen is a gloriously witty, unpredictable, creative and enjoyable picture book maker. Therefore, Bookwagon is happy to welcome ‘Billy and the Dragon‘ aboard!


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