Billy and the Pirates


What is the mystery of the key attached to the bottle that Billy and Fatcat find? It seems there’s a map included too. Might this lead to treasure? Before Billy and Fatcat have much time to contemplate their situation on the ocean blue, they’re captured by Captain Howl! What’s more, it seems he’s keen that they become part of his pirate crew. Furthermore, he has plans for Billy’s map, and they include claiming the treasure shown upon the island in the Sea of Doom!

Yet, to venture on the Sea of Doom, the pirate ship must pass the infernal singing of mermaids, and negotiate the hungry sharks. It seems that Billy’s some good ideas to help their passage. What’s more, it leads Captain Howl to promote Billy to First Mate and pirate promise he’ll release Billy and Fatcat once they reach Skull Rock. However, what about the Kraken? Does Billy have a plan here? Then again, might this plan involve something that is agreeable to Captain Howl, or could it lead to further trouble for Billy and Fatcat?

Bookwagon loves the humour, cracking storytelling, bold character and action of Billy and the Pirates. This series is amongst  Bookwagon favourites. Therefore, we welcome a third title with open arms, and a huge recommendation that every reader has the opportunity to indulge in adventures with Billy and Fatcat, like Billy and the Pirates.

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Billy and the Pirates

Nadia Shireen

(Penguin Random House)

On a day of swimming and splashing, snoozing, singing and fishing, with Fatcat, Billy’s caught a ‘mysterious-looking bottle‘ that holds a key. What’s more, it accompanies a map that indicates they’re not too far away. However, it seems that Captain Howl’s preparing to capture them as part of his dastardly crew!
What’s more, the Captain steals Billy’s map and determines to follow it to discover its ‘glorious riches’. However, the ship must pass by ‘beautiful, musical mermaids‘. Rather than raise a canon to them. Billy’s quick to pass out instruments that stop their ‘infernal singing’. It means that Billy’s pirate promised a release once the ship reaches the Sea of Doom. However, more danger lurks along their route, as very hungry sharks appear. What can our quick thinking First Mate arrive at here? Is there anything aboard that might tangle up the sharks’ teeth? What’s more, might it work for a kraken, or could Billy’s quick thinking avert another crisis.
Bookwagon adores this series. Then again, the picture books of Nadia Shireen, including the award-winning Barbara Throws a Wobbler are inventive, witty and very funny. What’s more, they’re beautifully presented, with bold colours, segmented storytelling pictures and such humour! Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Billy and the Pirates aboard. We recommend this title for reading together, laughing over, knowing well, and reading alone, too.


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