Bink & Gollie Best Friends For Ever


Bink & Gollie Best Friends For Ever‘ through up and down, short or tall! Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee have written three early chapter book stories about the best friends. Their experiences are boldly shown with appealing illustrations by Tony Fucile.

What happens when Gollie discovers an early 20th century photograph of a ‘royal’ relative! Her Empire awaits, though Bink is not at home! (It would be a different matter if pancakes were involved!)

Bink’s lack of height drives her to a desperation! What can she construct that will make her grow? There must be something! She’s prepared to go through anything to reach the higher shelf, like her best friend!

The pair conspire to collect something that might get their photographs in ‘Flickers’ Acana’. What might it be? There must be a product that will guarantee their immortality?

‘Bink & Gollie Best Friends For Ever‘ is a really approachable, smile-inducing early reader. The characters are somehow familiar. They make us laugh and become attached to them, and their interests, pursuits and neighbourhood. (I love the inclusion of ‘Eccles’ Empire of Enchantment’ with its world-weary assistants.) ‘Bink & Gollie Best Friends For Ever‘ is the sort of step into reading that readers will return to, ‘know’ and love.’

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Bink & Gollie

Best Friends For Ever

Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee, illustrated by Tony Fucile

(Walker Books)

Bink & Gollie Best Friends For Ever‘ despite hiccups and obstacles. Why would Gollie think she is royal and deserving of servants? Sometimes the differences are oversights. Doesn’t Gollie see over Bink? She’s much taller. They’re both after kudos, however. What could they collect that might earn them kudos? ‘Bink & Gollie Best Friends For Ever‘ is a truly engaging early chapter book choice!


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