Bird Builds a Nest


‘It’s a beautiful day. Bird is up early- she’s got a lot to do.’ We journey through the day as ‘Bird Builds a Nest’. From worm pulling to twig selecting, pushing and pulling, flying backwards and forwards, Bird works to build her nest. Martin Jenkins explains how Bird uses force in her effort through tag notes, asides and anecdotes.

This early addition to a science library makes the subject relevant, while offering a glimpse of the unity of our natural world. Questions, comparisons and sequenced facts build a reader’s interest and understanding.

Bird Builds a Nest‘ is a powerful, fascinating book. The 70’s style overlaid printed images offer clarity to the thoughtfully presented information. While this title would be fitting within a spring classroom, it is recommended for a young reader’s reading experience. Non-fiction books are vital in building reading range and comprehension. ‘Bird Builds a Nest‘ is a worthy selection for this purpose.

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Bird Builds a Nest

A Science Storybook about Forces

Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Richard Jones

(Walker Books)

Bird Builds a Nest‘. From tugging worms, to selecting and carrying the right type of twig, Bird expels energy throughout her day. Martin Jenkins and Richard Jones explain how Bird’s efforts are force; that her work is part of our scientific understanding. ‘Bird Builds a Nest‘ is an essential title to young scientists and all growing readers.


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