Bird & Squirrel


Bird’s in the mood for a road trip. After all, the weather’s wonderful, the wind drifts perfect and isn’t he the best flier of all? However, Squirrel’s not on board at all. This is the season to prepare for winter, gather provisions and make sure all is ship-shape. So what will he do when his friend is oblivious to the danger of Cat? When Bird’s backchatting and carelessness get him into a precarious situation? Could it be that a road trip is the only way to escape danger? Yet, for how long?

The pair are on the move when they alight on the wonders of the South Pole. This area seems to be overwhelmed by a giant orca that demands feeding every day. However, the penguin community is starving. Its entire fish catch is donated to this mighty beast every day. Could Bird be the ‘Chosen One’, foreseen to arrive and clear the penguins of their nemesis? Bird’s sure he’s up to the task, but Squirrel’s not so sure. Is it possible that Squirrel can work out a way to help his friend escape certain failure and support brave Sakari?

Bookwagon loves Bird & Squirrel, a bind up of James Burks’ first two stories of the unlikely friends. Not only is the storytelling sharp, clever and hilarious, but the graphics are so expressive, bold and dramatic! We recommend Bird & Squirrel highly!

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Bird & Squirrel

James Burks


While Squirrel’s worrying about winter’s advance, Bird’s delighting in the warm weather, the updrafts and his uproarious flying. It seems he’s oblivious to his friend’s hard work, collecting and storing his winter nut horde. What’s more, he’s completely unaware of the advance of cat, until it’s…. too late? Or is it? Could it be that Squirrel’s to the rescue? However, what will it mean for his larder? Then again, what will it mean for a home over winter? It seems that this bird’s no friend. Or is he? Maybe a road trip will work out their friendship?
James Burks returns with Bird & Squirrel, two stories within one graphic novel. We recognise the pair’s struggles with each other, one reckless and joyful, the other cautious and aware. However somehow their friendship works. It means that they will watch out for each other whatever. Even if it means upsetting the other one when he’s determined to be known as ‘the Chosen One’ in an Antarctic quest!
Like this graphic novelist’s Agent 9: Mind Control, for example, the storytelling here is fluent, tight and really engaging. Then again, the graphics are so animated, exciting and hilarious. Bookwagon loves Bird & Squirrel and recommends it highly!


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