RSPB Birds: Explore Their Extraordinary World


Our world is splendidly filled with fierce, clever and spectacular birds. From frozen polar regions to the lush tropics, birds find ways to adapt and survive everywhere. Golden eagles, flamingoes or mighty peregrine falcons circling city skyscrapers, are just some of the magnificent birds featured.

Birds are extraordinary. You can tell what time of day an owl hunts by looking at the colour of its eyes. With its long, muscular legs, the secretary bird has a powerful kick that could kill snakes or hares. We learn about the red-billed queleas, the least known, but most common bird in the world.

Thereafter, we discover the fastest, smallest, largest, the cleverest, most colourful bird, and then so much more in this beautiful collection.

RSPB Birds is written by television presenter and president of the RSPB, Miranda Krestovnikoff. It is sumptuously illustrated by Angela Harding, RSPB Birds will amaze, intrigue and take your breath away.

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RSPB Birds: Explore Their Extraordinary World

Miranda Krestovnikoff and Angela Harding

(Bloomsbury) – hardback

RSPB Birds: Explore Their Extraordinary World demands to be read. Within magnificent illustrations, the reader is led through a wealth of information about birds. We explore species to feeding habits, family patterns to behaviour. Wee compare a variety of birds from birds of paradise to flightless birds. Thereafter, we learn about individual and unique habits and skills, including the extraordinary eyesight of birds of prey!  We discover the importance of bird song and how habitat affects the number and quality of life of birds. Finally, the writer explains how we might best protect birds around the world.
While Yuval Zommers’ wonderful The Big Book of Birds made us gasp with delight at the wonder of this species, this title adds something more and different. We recognise the time and care involved in the research, message and production of this book. There is a depth and quality of information that suggest this title would be an ideal selection for home and school. RSPB Birds: Explore their Extraordinary World is an exceptional title which Bookwagon is proud to recommend and sell.



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