Bite Risk


Bite Risk takes place twenty years after a worldwide pandemic that has turned the adult population into werewolves on a full moon.  In the quiet, remote town of Tremorglade, the teenagers takes their responsibilities (fairly) seriously.  They do their chores and homework and always make sure their parents are locked up in their cages come the full moon.

Sel is the lead character, alongside Elena, Pedro and Ingrid.  Like any other teenager, he gets bored and spends a lot of time working out why his friends are such pains.  Things begin to go seriously wrong in the town one full moon and vital security measures begin to unravel.  Birds fall from the sky in their droves, werewolf parents escape their captivity and the whiff of conspiracy is in the air.  Just who can be trusted and can the kids stop a werewolf apocalypse?

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Bite Risk

S J Wills

(Simon & Schuster)

In Bite Risk, the teenagers who live in Tremorglade are used to their routines, especially on the monthly full moon.  They do their homework, tidy their room, hang out with friends……then check their perimeter traps and put their parents in their cages. This is the way things have been for more than twenty years since the great turning. Life goes on: normal, even boring.
Thirteen-year-old Sel lives with his mum in the isolated town that is sheltered from the worst of the world’s problems by its remoteness.  For him, Confinement nights mean freedom – roaming the streets with his friends on their bikes.  They carry their tranquilliser guns just in case of emergencies that never happen. But the quiet life begins to unravel. Birds start falling from the sky, while ordinary incidents take on a sinister tone.  Most alarmingly, security measures fall apart, leading to the unthinkable: escapes. It seems there’s more to their little town than they thought. As Sel and his friends try to figure out exactly why things are the way they are in Tremorglade, they are frustrated at every turn.  It almost seems as though their every move is known, and being manipulated. When a tragedy occurs, it’s clear that the truth is being covered up.
Someone is lying to them. However, it can’t be everyone, can it?
Bite Risk is a smart and often very funny horror story with likeable characters playing out their teenage angsts against a backdrop of werewolf invasion.


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