Black Hole Cinema Club


In the cinema, we’re offered experiences outside our own lives. We might sit in seat J13, as Finn chooses (when Caitlin doesn’t beat him to it) and entirely immerse ourselves in the adventure.

It seems that the Black Hole Cinema Club doesn’t announce the films it shows. That means that Lucas, Ash and Finn have enjoyed a wealth of different genres and classic films. Lucas considers, ‘We’ve done sci-fi and superheroes’ while Ash is ‘in the mood for some horror‘.

However as the lights go down, the cinema announces, ‘Our only hope- this impossible mission./ A last chance to change the end of everything./ We sent you into the darkness,/ bu snow you need to see the light./ Yo will live so many lives./ Keep telling yourself it’s only a movie./ It just might help you to survive…’

Thereafter, the friends are cast into the darkness, within a 4Di experience that threatens every fibre of their being. Where are they? What is the Leviathan? How can they make sense of this ultimate darkness? Then again, is there anyway to gain control and thereafter face a future and maybe a present?

Christopher Edge plays with our understanding, senses and fear sensors as we step inside the Black Hole Cinema Club. What a rip-roaring, mind expanding and terrifying seat at the movies!

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Black Hole Cinema Club

Christopher Edge

(Nosy Crow)

It seems as though the biggest problem might be Caitlin sitting in Finn’s favoured seat. After all, this time he’s remembered to bring food to share. That’s sorted out. Then again, as the film began, the friends wondered as to what might be screening at the Black Hole Cinema Club. After all, this cinema’s renowned for not announcing its choice. It means there’s always a surprise. This time, it seems, there’s a film in 4Di. ‘What’s 4Di?’ Ash asks. ‘Finn replies- Forget your 3D glasses, 4Di is – Immersive. Interactive. Improved. Apparently when you watch a movie in 4Di, you feel like you’re part of the film’.
It seems as though Lucas will spend an eternity reminding himself that he’s watching a movie. When the lights go down, words appear upon screen. ‘- there are no more heroes left- only you. And the end of the world is coming’. Thereafter the five friends are poured into an adventure such as none of them can imagine. What’s more, we’re caught up with them, struggling to understand where they are, what they’re facing and what the next steps should be.
Christopher Edge has engrossed us with his novels, including The Jamie Drake Equation and The Longest Night of Charlie Noon. Once more, we’re torn up with curiosity and fervour, desperate for Lucas to assume command. What is happening? Then again, could this all be an elaborate astrophysics revision through which to escape? Bookwagon recommends Black Hole Cinema Club for curious, thoroughly engaged readers.


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