Black Powder


Set in England in 1605, at a time of great upheaval and suspicion, this is a really ripping yarn.  12-year-old Tom is desperate to do what he can to save his father from the gallows.  He encounters a mysterious scarred stranger, known only as the Falcon.  The Falcon promises to help in exchange for his service.  While on the long journey to London, Tom begins to suspect the Falcon’s motives, then discovers a plot to blow up Parliament with barrels of gunpowder

Tom then faces a terrible dilemma: how can he secure his father’s release?  Can he thwart the assassination of the king …

This is an exciting thrill ride, packed with adventure, mystery and conspiracy, as well as satisfyingly villainous villains.  Ally Sherrick’s most recent novel ‘The Buried Crown’ is also available on Bookwagon.


Black Powder

Ally Sherrick

(Chicken House)

Tom is desperate to save his father from the gallows.  His father has assisted a Catholic priest at a time of great oppression and suspicion and only Tom can save him.  Setting out for London, Tom encounters a mysterious scarred man called the Falcon and a villainous gang.  Tom is co-opted into their plan, but he comes to suspect their real motives.  Then he makes a terrifying discovery, one which might endanger the nation itself.
This is a thrilling historical adventure that grips from first to last.  Thoroughly recommended!


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