Blast Off to the Moon!


How were Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong selected to go to the moon? Furthermore, what preparations did they need to make ahead of lift off? Then, how did they live and function while in space? Wash? Go to the toilet? What work did they have to do?

Blast Off to the Moon! collates the press clippings and information from the initiative, to splash down. It means that we realise the effort, skill and courage involved in such a huge enterprise.

We see photographs of the astronauts in training. Then we read of how the Command Space Module was fitted out with everything that needed to be considered. Furthermore, we see what plans were put in place in case the mission failed.

This is a full, factual, authoritative and thoroughly accessible information book. Bookwagon was fascinated by all we have learned, from preparations of TV networks presenting the first moon landing, to the roles of each person aboard the mission. At one point, Michael Collins, who spent ‘28 hours alone in lunar orbit on board Command Module‘ was described as the ‘loneliest person in the universe‘. What was he doing? Thereafter, what were Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong doing upon the moon?

Bookwagon recommends Blast Off to the Moon! for home and school reading. This is a fascinating, informative and fulsome non-fiction information picture book.

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Blast Off to the Moon!

Introduced by Helen Sharman, produced in association with the British Interplanetary Society

(UCLan Publishing)

Blast Off to the Moon! documents the path taken by those who planned and undertook the first manned space walk. Therefore we begin with the mission’s primary aim- ‘to perform a manned lunar landing and return safely to Earth’. Then we read of other plans, from scientific investigations, to learning how humans functioned on the moon.
This book includes illustrations taken from the Apollo 11 Press kit sent to those involved. It outlined the planning at each stage. Thereafter, we read of the astronauts selected for this daring mission. What was their experience? Why were they chosen specifically? Furthermore, what did their training involve? Again, photographs from the astronauts’ training are included, from experiencing zero gravity conditions, to practising collecting rock samples.
The way the book is shaped, that we work from plans, to training, to the evening before the day of lift off to the earth- shattering moment, builds awareness and tension. At that point Blast Off to the Moon! breaks into the science of how ‘the most advanced machinery every built at the time‘ enabled this lunar mission. Furthermore, we are shown a map of the Command Service Module, that explores the different areas within which the astronauts lived and worked. This is followed by essential information, such as how they exercised, how they washed and where and how they slept.
Bookwagon is delighted to have discovered this fascinating and informative book. Blast Off to the Moon! is an ideal companion piece to Neil Armstrong and How to Be an Astronaut. We recommend this book highly to all would be astronauts, engineers and readers.


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