Blue Chameleon


Emily Gravett is expert at building inference and anticipation into her picture books. In ‘Blue Chameleon‘ we watch as chameleon adapts to each potential new friend. He is desperate for companionship and to have someone with whom to play. The detail in each new adaptation can almost be felt by the reader! We empathise with Chameleon’s plight! The sparing text and big white spaced backgrounds highlight the message.

We love ‘Blue Chameleon‘ and recommend it to readers aged from baby to school age.

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Blue Chameleon

Emily Gravett

(Two Hoots)

‘Blue Chameleon‘ is lonely and bored. He tries everything he can to fit in that he might have a friend with whom he can share and play. Will anyone play with a ‘Blue Chameleon’? Sparing text combined with direct readable images in a white space offer such potential for reading the real story. We recommend ‘Blue Chameleon‘ to readers aged from baby to school age.


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