Blue Penguin


Although ‘Blue Penguin‘ can dive, swim and fish, the other penguins see only, that he is not like them and wander away. While his days are full of emptiness, at night he dreams of a white whale who will take him to a place where he will not be lonely. ‘Blue Penguin‘ sings to the white whale. A little penguin hears his song and asks to join in. Soon there’s another song, and more singers.

Blue Penguin’ glows with Petr Horáček’s atmospheric rich, washed pictures. It offers a subtle, meaningful message about inclusion and friendship. This is a truly beautiful book that Bookwagon recommends to classrooms and families.


Blue Penguin

Petr Horáček

(Walker Books)

‘Blue Penguin‘ does not look like the other penguins. He can fish like the other penguins although he isn’t the best at diving and swimming. The other penguins are not sure that ‘Blue Penguin’ is a real penguin. He is lonely and sings a song to the white whale…


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