Boats Fast & Slow


Iris Volant and Jarom Vogel have created a fulfilling investigation of Boats Fast & Slow. We journey from rafts, the earliest known craft, through to super sleek designs for hydrofoils, raced in the elite Americas Cup. Along the way, readers learn about war ships, Chinese junk, log canoes and how steam ships changed the world forever.

Furthermore, famous boats such as HMS Beagle and Spray, the first boat to be sailed around the world single-handedly, are described. We consider pirate ships and work boats, in addition to clippers like the Cutty Sark. The writers describe fascinating boats from legend, like the Nautilus.

Boats Fast & Slow is a really informative, satisfying title. Additions such as semaphore and boat designs, increase the interest. Furthermore, from endpapers to the thick matte pages, we realise this is a quality book, one to read and love.

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Boats Fast & Slow

Iris Volant and Jarom Vogel

(Flying Eye Books)– hardback

Boats are part of every culture in the world with access to water’. Boats Fast & Slow is a history of these craft, from ancient to modern times, featuring their production, roles and famous appearances. While we begin with an explanation as to what makes a boat a boat, we compare a submarine to a raft, the earliest water craft.  Thereafter we move from log canoes to war boats and Viking long boats. We realise the importance of HMS Beagle to our human understanding and progress.
Fundamental change to world trade and communication opened up by way of steam boats and thereafter cruise ships. Furthermore, we have become every more sophisticated in our leisure craft; consider early kayaks to the sleek yachts raced in the Americas Cup! Iris Volant and Jarom Vogel include the draft plans for the hydrofoil that compete in this prestigious event.
Bookwagon loves the inclusion of information like semaphore, alongside descriptions of legendary craft like Nautilus and Ra’s barge. In addition, there is room for researching about other craft, for example the waka of this particular bookseller’s home country. Boats Fast & Slow is a thoroughly satisfying, informative and beautifully produced information book.


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