Livy has not travelled to Australia to see her grandmother for five years. There is little she remembers from her last visit. She recalls bumping down the stairs, her fear of the well, her favourite sweets…. When she ventures into her mother’s bedroom, where she stayed previously, she is drawn to the wardrobe. ‘Bob’ waits there. He’s waited for Livy’s return for five years. He wears the chicken costume she made for him. He has played with the Lego that she hid in the wardrobe with him.  He has perfected the chicken walk that Livy taught him. ‘Bob‘ is familiar to Livy, but the mystery remains. What and who is ‘Bob’?

Award-winning children’s writer Rebecca Stead, of, amongst others, Goodbye Stranger fame, has joined forces with acclaimed children’s writer, Wendy Mass. She is less familiar to UK audiences. Together, they have created a beautiful story of separation, memory, love and loyalty. We feel the pangs of homesickness and readjustment, lost memories and growing up. ‘Bob’ is saturated in empathy and nostalgia. We are delighted to recommend ‘Bob’ to our readers.



Wendy Mass & Rebecca Stead

(Text Publishing)

Livy can barely recall the last time she visited her grandmother in Australia. It’s five years. There is something familiar about the stairs and the sweet shop. Yet, when she opens the wardrobe door, she discovers an odd chicken. He’s delighted at her return. Livy can’t remember ‘Bob’. Who is he? What is he? Together, they chart their meeting to discover the origins of ‘Bob’. 

Good Reads Choice Awards


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