Bold and Brave Women from Shakespeare


Lady Macbeth whispers ‘treachery in [her husband’s] ear’. What are her reasons? She is ‘stronger, more ruthless and more manipulative than her husband, and seems unafraid of violence‘. Why? What are the results of her actions?

Lady Macbeth is one of the twelve Bold and Brave Women from Shakespeare included in this thorough and fascinating book. Juliet is considered ‘headstrong and resolute‘. Furthermore, she is ‘loyal to Romeo’. What is the result of her strength of and loyalty?

What of Mistress Ford and Mistress Page of The Merry Wives of Windsor? Does Falstaff deserve their clever plotting? Why is Mistress Ford’s husband jealous of his wife?

The descriptions, settings and stories are a superb introduction to classic works of the Bard. Furthermore, each character is explained so well that it leaves us wanting to know more. Bookwagon is proud to add this book to our collection.


Bold and Brave Women from Shakespeare

illustrated by Becca Stadtlander

(Walker Books)– hardback

Walker Books introduces Twelve Bold and Brave Women from Shakespeare. After a quote from the play in which each feature, the individual story of each is expanded upon. Cordelia, from ‘King Lear‘, refuses to flatter her father beyond the daughterly loyal affection she feels for him. What happens when he takes offence, preferring her sisters’ overinflated lies? The Romans blame Cleopatra for Antony’s neglect of his duties. The mistrust that each of this pair feel for each other results in tragedy.
Thereafter, we are reminded of Margaret of Anjou who features in ‘Henry VI Parts I-III‘ and ‘Richard III’. While her ambition leads a terrible ending, would we condemn her as she is by Shakespeare? Furthermore would we consider Beatrice a ‘scold‘ or Titania’s outcome a fair one?
Alongside Poetry for Kids William Shakespeare Bold and Brave Women from Shakespeare is a fascinating introduction to the writing of the Bard. This is an accessible, interesting book which demonstrates the stories, characters, obstacles and settings of twelve of Shakespeare’s best known females. Furthermore there is so much to discover beyond these introductions. For example, Cleopatra’s story merits examination within her history, while Portia’s actions and setting are ripe for discovery. We are proud to introduce this title.



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