Bone Gap


Old Charlie Valentine saw Finn and Roza struggling with the man in black on the day that Roza disappeared. However his evidence is so wound up in wandering stories that he is an unreliable witness. Jonas Apple doesn’t credit Finn’s evidence either. He believes that Roza’s just left, like everyone leaves Sean and Finn abandoned. After all, isn’t that what their mother did?

‘Bone Gap’ mourns Roza’s departure. Although she was different, foreign even, she was so beautiful, and so friendly. There was curiosity about her life in the apartment outside Sean and Finn’s house. It was evident that Finn mooned after her; isn’t that what he does always? ‘Sidetracked’, ‘Moon Face’, ‘Space Boy’- that’s what the people of Bone Gap call him.

He’s friendly with that Priscilla (Petey) though, and she’s unfriendly with everyone. It’s a shame about her face too, consider the people of Bone Gap. She seems to believe Finn about the Crow Man, the man in black made of concrete who seized Roza…. Sean, Finn’s brother, however, will not talk about Roza. It was obvious that Roza and Sean cared about each other, so why is he so hidden? Why won’t he help Finn find her? Thereafter, where is Roza? What is she going through?

‘Bone Gap‘ is a tale of magic, equality, finding your own voice, being respected and being loved. It is a brilliant, throat-clutching, longing tale. We recommend this book for older, young adult, readers only.



Bone Gap

Laura Ruby


‘Bone Gap‘ is so small that people seem to know what you’re doing before you’ve done it. Everyone has a judgment on other people. Therefore Finn becomes ‘Moon Face’ or ‘Space Boy’, Petey (Priscilla) the ‘shame about her face.’ When Roza arrives at Bone Gap mysteriously, the neighbourhood is suspicious although awed. They’re aware of Finn ‘mooning’ around after her, while Roza seems particularly fond of Sean, his older brother. Then Roza is so beautiful, ‘too beautiful’ according to the neighbourhood.
When Roza goes missing, and Finn gives vague evidence as to her disappearance, it’s the talk of the town. However as time passes, it appears that she’s just up and left. It’s a shame, think the townspeople. After all Sean and Finn are always left, aren’t they? However, Finn knows that Roza hasn’t left, but has been taken. Furthermore whoever took her is cruel, distant, and whispered of in the darkness and the cornfields. Who will believe this ‘side tracked’ moon-faced, beautiful boy? Petey with her bees? Old Charlie Valentine with his myriad of stories? Calamity Jane and her kittens? The horse that arrives in the nighttime? Certainly not Sean who seems sewn up with silence and hurt.
Older readers, young adult readers, are recommended ‘Bone Gap‘. Like The Burning this wonderful title has a lot to consider about image, self-belief, finding your feet and your voice. This reader could not put it down.
Michael L.Printz medal winner, finalist in the National Book Awards. This title is suitable for older readers, only.


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