Bone Talk


On the day that Samkad is called by the Ancients to enter the House for Men, the portents are good. Yet events in the Tree of Bones change everything for Samkad and his father, leading to separation, threat and the arrival of intruders.

Samkad’s steep Philippine mountain village is rooted in tradition and symbolism. It is how his people make sense of their world and routines. It is foreign to American intruders, and different from the low people. What happens when these three worlds collide? Will Samkad, his father, Little Luki and newfound brother Kinyo, survive the onslaught of sweets, mistrust and fire?

Candy Gourlay offers an exceptional novel in ‘Bone Talk‘. Its historic and cultural roots are authentic and aching. This is a ‘forever’ book, one that will be spoken of and cherished for years to come.


Bone Talk

Candy Gourlay

(David Fickling Books)

Samkad’s days of wrestling with Little Luki are drawing to an end. It is time for him to enter the House for Men. The signs are good, the Ancients have spoken. What can possibly go wrong? As Sam and his Father prepare for the ceremony, there are unexpected reminders of the past. Who is waiting in the trees? Where is Kinyo? What are Americans doing in their Philippine mountains? ‘Bone Talk‘ is a phenomenal story, rooted in the past, traditions, and the Philippine culture. It is urgent and wonderful and spine chilling. We recommend ‘Bone Talk‘ highly to older readers.


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