Book Hospital


Book Hospital is there for emergencies. It might be that you’ve been read by a nibbler, or scribbled upon or even stuck together! After all, if you’re a book, you are inviting readers to enjoy you, to share and love the stories you tell, whatever you might be! The best part of being a book ‘is just to hang out with your friends’. 

Yet, when there’s an emergency, it might be that all the ‘nice doctors and nurses- ready and waiting to help’ will make it ‘OK’. Then they can ‘go home where they belong’. even if your condition seems fatal!

Leigh Hodgkinson offers a most encouraging, inviting, colour rich and warm picture book told through the experiences of a book. We love the gentle message, the inclusivity of rafts of books, and then the final message. That is, to  LOVE, READ and BE KIND to your BOOKS.

Book Hospital is a delightful story to share at bedtime, keep and gift. Bookwagon recommends this picture book to our readers.


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Book Hospital

Leigh Hodgkinson

(Simon & Schuster)

Our narrator tells us that it is ‘pretty great being a book’. It seems there is such a variety of books, from bad witches to ‘hairy scary monsters’. Then, there’s ‘teeny weeny adventures’. However, it’s best ‘just to hang out with your friends’. Sharing your adventures is wonderful.
However, some books might be ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’. It means they might be scribbled on or ‘covered in strawberry yogurt’ to become ‘all sticky and stuck together’. They might even be ‘nibbled by little teeth’ or have their ‘LAST and MOST IMPORTANT page ripped out’. It seems that such an emergency means there’s a need for Book Hospital.
All the doctors and nurses are ready to put things right. Once this book is recovered everything will be all right- the magical journey will begin again!
 Leigh Hodgkinson offers a picture book that is fun, warm, inclusive and enchanting. Book Hospital reminds us of the joy and possibilities of reading, the wealth of opportunity and then the bonding of story sharing too. It is reminiscent of other Bookwagon favourite titles about reading, including I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. and Never Show a T-Rex a Book.
Bookwagon loves this picture book and recommends it to all readers, especially family readers.


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