Nick Hall, hero in his own packed lunch box, too cool for school, so cool at foot-bool, has problems. There are problems at home, problems with detonating twins, problems with teachers, problems with words- in finding the right ones for April, and following up all the words that his father has collated in his prize winning dictionary.

Kwame Alexander’s ‘Booked‘ has met much praise for its style, content and delivery. The verse and message are tight, intelligent and riveting; like Nick, when he starts reading, I could not put the book down, and the story has really resonated.

I recommend ‘Booked‘ unequivocally for readers, would-be ‘non readers’,, for those needing a safe haven, for those needing a story upon which to hitch a ride. Superb!



Kwame Alexander

(Andersen Press)

For boys, for girls, for the lonely, for the overpressure, for the reluctant or ‘too busy to read’ reader; ‘Booked’, a super book in verse and more, comes highly recommended.

Goodreads Choice Award Poetry

Kirkus Starred Review title


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