Bookworms are found ‘under covers with phone torches’ or ‘in corners of playgrounds’. Thereafter they seek ‘lunchtimes in libraries where the silence hides the lack of people to talk to…’

These are people seeking themselves ‘on phone screens/ In moving scenes/ In the streets’. Then again, these are people promised that they will ‘find [their] tribe when they ‘join the right club’// try the right passion’.

Within Joelle Avelino’s swirling, peppered, neon bright, active pictures, Nyanda Foday’s poetic text is meaningful, personal, relevant and empathetic. Bookwagon hears the words and knows the feelings. Altogether it means that Bookworms is a magnificent book, one to gift, to know well, to take courage from and to cherish. We are proud to welcome this wonderful title aboard.

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Nyanda Foday and Joelle Avelino

(Andersen Press)

Sometimes a book is the sole piece of /driftwood to cling to when it feels like/ your life is going down with the ship’.
Nyanda Foday writes Bookworms for every person seeking the right path, who finds themselves within the characters of books. These are the people who spend ‘nights curled around curled pages of reread books’. Then again, these readers are those who find a book offers ‘a narrative where you get to be the protagonist instead of the scenery’.
Alongside neon bright, fluent, illustrations, full of routes and pockets, swirls of imagination and hope from Joelle Avelino, we’ve a poem of hope. In fact, the poet offers her gratitude to books where ‘every underrepresented story is being loved by someone who is loved‘. Then again, there’s a chance that these books are ‘teaching the world to be ready for all the Bookworms leaving [their] woodwork’. After all, might not the rereading and comfort and storytelling offer a narrative, a protagonist of greater relevance and truth?
Bookworms is magnificent. This is a book to hold in your heart, remind yourself about and take out into the world as your shield  and mantra. We recommend this poetry picture book unreservedly.


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