Boot The Rusty Rescue


Travelling to the Testing Lab is a dangerous call for Boot and his robot friends, Noke, Gerry and Pooch. Being rounded up and sent to the scrap yard is a strong possibility! The danger is greater in the Testing Lab, however, the place to which the robot four are headed. It seems like this is the only place that holds robot parts that might provide Gerry with a permanent nose. After all a ping pong ball version is too tempting to Pooch!

Yet, it’s within the Testing Lab that Boot spots Rusty, a hulking robot created to test chairs. Rusty is overwhelming, dejected, and seems to have lost all his spark. He is destined for ‘robot heaven’, the scrapyard to which all out of use robots are sent. However, there’s something about Rusty that tugs at Boot’s heartstrings. Is it possible that they can save this awkward shell of a robot and thereafter return with him, without incident, to a life at the Carousel?

Shane Hegarty and Ben Mantle have created such an engaging group of characters within such a fascinating setting. We love each of the robot’s individual personalities and can almost predict their behaviour. Furthermore there is such compassion and friendship shown within the group, and thereafter to Beth. We are delighted to welcome this sequel to Boot. Boot The Rusty Rescue is every bit as enjoyable and exciting as its predecessor.


Boot The Rusty Rescue

Shane Hegarty, illustrated by Ben Mantle


Boot doesn’t intend this story to become Boot The Rusty Rescue. However, Gerry needs ‘a proper robot nose, to stop‘ the constant loss of his. It seems as though the best place for robot parts is the Testing Lab. Not only will the journey prove dangerous for Boot, Noke, Gerry and Pooch need to negotiate a human world, but they’re heading for the lab…. Gerry is terrified!
While the lab contains discarded robot parts that could provide Gerry with a permanent nose, it’s the place where robots are threatened with robot extinction. Therefore Boot and his friends must be on their guard. So when Boot spies an overwhelming, exhausted, ‘hulking robot’ about to be scrapped, his sympathetic urges should be repressed. Yet this is our hero! We saw where his compassion led him in Boot, the first book in this series. Can Boot and his friends survive the Testing Lab, and thereafter, spark some sort of spark in Rusty? It seems like his repeated up, down performance in the lab has overrun any other impulse, including emotional. What will it take to revive Rusty? Is it possible?
Bookwagon recommends this title highly. It is a most empathetic, warm, funny and almost humanly rich title, despite the nature of its main characters. Boot The Rusty Rescue reminds us about the importance of friendship, joy and community.


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