‘Boot’ is determined to find his way home to Beth. He has memories of her love for him, her delight at his arrival when she unwrapped him and realised his robot potential. There’s a butterfly pendant Beth’s grandmother gave her which Boot needs to return too. Yet, how can he find his way home when he can’t speak intelligently any more and his memories are jumbled? Who will help?

The scrap heap is a dangerous place, a haven for the robot despising Flint and his gang of Cutters. Their industry of dismantling robots is going strong; the human world is a place of discarding and renewing. There is no loyalty to robots. Is Boot right to put his trust in Beth?

Noke doesn’t think so. Noke is full of rules. He’s also running out of battery power and Boot knows Beth has a charger. Can Noke help Boot? Will Red, the most beautiful and intelligent robot Boot could ever imagine help him realise Beth’s location? Red’s on a desperate mission to stop from overheating! Tag, with his inspired camera work, is a necessary member of the team, but life has defeated him. Would he ever help Boot?

‘Boot’ is a gripping, inspiring adventure story, laden with empathy and consideration. Shane Hegarty doesn’t overburden his story with ‘message’, yet we are provoked to think about our disposable world, the nature of friendship and our ageing society. Bookwagon is very happy to recommend and sell this original, splendid title. We welcome further books promised in this series.



Small Robot Big Adventure

Shane Hegarty, illustrated by Ben Mantle

(Hachette Children’s)

‘Boot‘ knows his name isn’t Funtime. That’s what Noke persists in calling him. Yet Noke has other concerns like his need for a battery charger. His reserves are running down fast. Red is concerned with overheating. Pooch responds to commands in a haphazard manner. It seems like each of the robots has their own needs, yet they are working together, each showing the loyalty and friendship that seems absent from their human world.
‘Boot’ isn’t so sure. He has memories of Beth… ‘love’, a butterfly pendant, her grandmother?Hence he is certain she cannot have been responsible for his arrival at the scrap heap. From that place emerges Flint, armed with his Cutters, charged with a desire to erase all robots.
Join the journey, the adventure, of ‘Boot’. Will he find Beth? Are his memories to be trusted? Can humans show any kind of loyalty to their robots, let alone, each other?


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