Boy 87


Boy 87‘ is Shif. He plans to become an engineer when he is older. His best friend  Bini has always wanted to become a doctor. The boys work hard, follow the rules laid down by their mothers, and keep out of the way of the military. However, one day, they are noticed, and so ‘Boy 87‘, is cast. From a makeshift prison, a dwindling of hope, to escape across deserts, bitter truths of regimes and betrayal, Shif, and Bini, fight for survival and a future.

Boy 87‘ is the story of the refugee, the child fighting for home, survival and a chance. This is a brave, raw, heartbreaking and essential title that we are proud to have read, and may now share with our readers.

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Boy 87

Ele Fountain

(Pushkin Children’s Books)

Boy 87′ is Shif, an ordinary boy, who, through exceptional circumstances finds himself fighting for survival. Shif is used to keeping his head down. Now he must rely on his own resources, the truths of others, and a need to keep strong, safe and focused on a future. ‘Boy 87′ is a brave and wonderful story that must be read and realised.


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