Boy X


Ash awakens in a white room, with a white dressing gown and slippers. He wonders what’s going on, and walks down the hallway, checking other rooms exactly like his, but there’s no-one anywhere. He passes a room like a jungle, but not nearly so big. There’s something screeching; he tries to block out the noise but it’s a challenge. When he meets up with a girl about his own age, he is less scared. She says, ‘This is where she lives!’ They hear running and a call, ‘Come with us! It’s not safe here!’

‘Boy X’ is very adventurous and mysterious with twists and turns everywhere. There is a bet rail, giant bugs and an evil scientist called Pierce. My favourite part is when they are all trapped in a cabinet, for I had no idea what would happen next. Would Thorn kill them? Would they return? Would they team up?

Boy X is a fantastic book, my personal favourite- Jake, aged 9


Boy X

Dan Smith

(Chicken House)

A pacy reading adventure for readers with grit, aged between 9- 13.


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