Boy X


Ash awakens in a white room, with a white dressing gown and slippers. He wonders what’s going on, and walks down the hallway, checking other rooms exactly like his, but there’s no-one anywhere. He passes a room like a jungle, but not nearly so big. There’s something screeching; he tries to block out the noise but it’s a challenge. When he meets up with a girl about his own age, he is less scared. She says, ‘This is where she lives!’ They hear running and a call, ‘Come with us! It’s not safe here!’

Boy X is very adventurous and mysterious with twists and turns everywhere. There are giant bugs and an evil scientist called Pierce. My favourite part is when they are all trapped in a cabinet, for I had no idea what would happen next. Would Thorn kill them? Would they return? Would they team up?

Boy X is a fantastic book, my personal favourite- Jake, aged 9

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Boy X

Dan Smith

(Chicken House)

In Boy X, 12-year-old Ash wakes in an unfamiliar room with an intravenous drip in his arm. He has a head full of jumbled memories and, most remarkably, a host of superhuman abilities. Furthermore, Ash has no idea what he is capable of, but he knows he has a serious mission to save the world.  Therefore, he needs to evolve, and fast!
With lead scientists locked in quarantine, it is up to Ash to track the criminals intent on releasing a deadly virus into the world. Unfortunately, a dense jungle full of terrifying creatures is between where he is being kept and the getaway boat. Thankfully he meets Isabel, a Costa Rican girl familiar with the dangers of Isla Negra. Using Isabel’s local knowledge and what he’s learned from his scientist mother and his deceased soldier father, Ash and Isabel begin their journey. They quickly learn there are more deadly things hiding on Isla Negra than the bizarre fauna and the deadly flora.
This fast-paced adventure features both a reluctant hero and an intelligent and capable heroine. With an island full of impossible creatures and dangers everywhere, this is a high-stakes thrilling adventure.
Bookwagon is proud to stock several of Dan Smith’s excellent and thrilling books, including Nisha’s War.


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