Brainy About Bears


Brainy About Bears continues Owen Davey’s magnificent nature series as he focuses on bears of the world.  Several species of bears are featured, including the polar bear, pandas and the moon bear, while the author also discusses bear habitats, diet and their place in mythology and culture.  We also learn that many species are threatened with extinction and that many more are being forced to extend their hunting range to include towns and other human habitation, because of the loss of their own habitat due to human encroachment.

This is just the latest instalment of a great series – Davey’s illustrations are, as always, utterly entrancing and, alongside his informative commentary, make for the perfect combination.

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Brainy About Bears

Written and illustrated by Owen Davey

(Flying Eye Books)

Owen Davey’s magnificent series about some of the most remarkable creatures on earth continue’s with Brainy About Bears. Most bears pre-date humans on earth and this book starts with their history and species characteristics. This is just in case you need in an emergency to identify a brown bear from a black bear!
The book is full of fascinating information about bears of all types around the world. Amazingly, most bears for instance are capable of running faster than an Olympic sprinter.  Furthermore, many possess a power of smell so powerful they are capable of sniffing their prey from several kilometres away.  They can range in size from over 1000 kg for a polar bear down to the sun bear, less than a metre in height.
The author also delves into the mythology of bears and their significance in many cultures.  Furthermore, we learn how the degradation of their own habitats mean many bears now share the same habitats as humans. As with all the books in the series, the combination of Davey’s amazing illustrations and wry, informative text sets the book apart. Bookwagon is proud to stock the entire range of the series, including Obsessive About Octopuses and Bonkers About Beetles.


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