Bridge to Terabithia


Jess Arons feels frustrated and trapped. His life is one of chores, poverty, mediocrity, and ridicule by his older sisters. Only his little sister, May Belle shows any appreciation for him, and her hero worship borders on the ridiculous.
Into Jess’s mundanity comes Leslie Burke. She breaks the rules, beating all the boys, including athletically hopeful Jess, in the running races, has moved from the big city, is wealthy with metropolitan parents, understandings and ideas.
Jess and Leslie build a friendship that enables them both. She helps him fight his fears and his foes, realise his potential and unlock his creativity. Jess helps Leslie assimilate into this judgemental setting and build confidence and friends. Together they build Terabithia, a secret fantasyland of stories, possibilities and wonder. However, even in fairy stories, there is heartbreak…
This is an exceptional book that I recommend to every reader. It is one of my all-time favourite stories. Do not judge it by the movie, but experience the real story.


Bridge to Terabithia

Katherine Paterson


A Newbery Medal winning title, recommended for every reader as a read aloud, and from the age of 9. Breathtaking and memorable.


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