Bright Bursts of Colour

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Poet Matt Goodfellow connects with us immediately in Bright Bursts of Colour. The title comes from ‘Liam’, who’d ‘been to loads of different schools/ up and down the country‘ who described ‘his thoughts‘ as ‘bright bursts of colour’.

Liam demonstrates Matt Goodfellow’s observation and deep empathy. He suggests in ‘Missing Lessons’ that ‘I see the world/- and I know its secrets’. Somehow we don’t doubt it.

There is a wealth of variety, however, within this work, from different poetic devices, such as rhyming couplets in ‘I Swallowed the Sun‘ or ‘Doggy’, to repetition, in ‘Goggles’, to mini saga poetry in ‘The Shortest Ever Secondary School Career’. There is a sense of place and movement, of humanity and hope. All told, Matt Goodfellow is definitely a Wonder Watcher, a poet ‘wandering through life/ discovering amazement everywhere.’ 

Poetry as a literary form is an inspiration and fuel; it energises and fulfils me. I love the works included in Bright Bursts of Colour and recommend this title to you.

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Bright Bursts of Colour

Poems by Matt Goodfellow

illustrated by Aleksei Bitskoff


Poet Matt Goodfellow seeks Bright Bursts of Colour in his day. Whether as a disguised badger, or the boy in ‘Split’– ‘I don’t detest this life of mine/ but wish I could’ve had/ a chance to see what things were like/ just and Mum and Dad…’  Furthermore, it seems this poet has the capacity to ‘see the world/ and – know it’s secrets’. He can imagine what it’d be like ‘if Cats Had Flavoured Fur’. Thereafter, he creates rich metaphors as in ‘I Tasted a Word‘ or ‘Trapped‘.

Bookwagon loves Matt Goodfellow’s other works including Chicken on the Roof. There’s vivacity, empathy and significance in which this literary form excels. Yet there’s also such humour, and skill in his wordplay, description and practice. We recommend Bright Bursts of Colour to readers of all ages, homes and schools.

1 review for Bright Bursts of Colour

  1. Mick Francis

    I bought this for my 10 year-old son for his birthday, and we are both absolutely loving it! We read 1 or 2 poems each morning at breakfast. Each poem has so much to discuss, both in terms of subject and form. I will definitely be getting more from Mr Goodfellow!

    • Bronnie

      Isn’t it a great book? Thank you for commenting. Please feel free to browse other poetry titles from Matt Goodfellow available through Bookwagon.

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