Brilliant Black British History


Did you know that ‘every single British person comes from a migrant who moved her anytime from yesterday to thousands of years ago’? Then again, scientists have discovered that the ‘first migrants to Britain had Black skin‘. Furthermore, it’s evidenced that modern humans evolved from Africa more than 300, 000 years ago.

As these early humans migrated, they evolved. Therefore, diets were different. Then again, there was less sun. Our bodies changed and skin colours diversified.  Meanwhile, from Africa, these first peoples  spread into Western Europe, and later to Britain, where scientists show that early people, like Cheddar Man, were Black.

Then again, we follow the timeline through first civilisations. We track how chocolate, Stonehenge, the pyramids, maths, medicine, engineering, astronomy, writing, the wheel, buttons , flushing toilets, gunpowder, paper and iron tools evolved….  However, we learn of the history of peoples who evolved from those first humans, including the Celts and the Romans, to those who formed Roman Britain, like Syrian Black Julia, wife of Emperor Septimius Severus.

This is a proud, determined and fulfilling history. Atinuke’s research is decisive and brilliantly shown through Kingsley Nebechi’s illustrations and fact notes. We love the addition of vocabulary facts, so that we understand how our English language formed and continues to grow. We’re absorbed, and frequently disturbed, as though the descriptions of the race for riches from Tudor Britain, which evolved into the slave trade.

Bookwagon recommends brilliant Black British History highly for every home and classroom. This is a superb book, a story of people, of civilisation, of ourselves.

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Brilliant Black British History

Atinuke and Kingsley Nebechi


Brilliant Black British History tracks a timeline of Black lives from Africa ‘more than 300, 000 years ago‘ to modern day. What’s more, through following its trajectory, we are aware of the successes, discoveries and oppression of so many people.
We see how the first peoples, Homo sapiens, moved from Africa across the Middle East. It seems they survived the Ice Age and migrated further In fact, it seems that by 45,000 years ago, ancestors of these original peoples made it to Europe. Then again, the first humans to settle in Britain, 12,000 years ago, were Black, ‘like all Western Europeans‘.
However, to see this chronicle laid out so clearly is breathtaking. It means that we might appreciate the achievements of early civilisations, those who invented, wrote, used maths and engineering and built ‘big buildings‘. What’s more we see how Roman Britain was not the white enclave of traditional teaching. Furthermore, ‘some historians say that Ethiopia was the first Christian country in the world‘.
We travel through Tudor Britain into the destruction of lives and communities through the race for plantations’ riches powered by slavery, as described in Kwame Alexander’s Unspoken. Thereafter, Atinuke leads us to modern Britain, through twentieth century disquiet and racism, to a growing awareness of our society’s racial construction and past. Bookwagon is awed by this Brilliant History, and recommends it highly to every home and classroom.


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