Build Your Own Science Museum


Build Your Own Science Museum is a super activity and science book that challenges children to build brilliant pop-up models, while also learning about scientific history as they go.  The models available to build include a steam engine, one of the earliest aeroplanes and the ‘Curiosity’ Mars rover robot.

Put together by the fabulous team at Lonely Planet Kids, this really is an excellent addition to home and school activity centres.

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Build Your Own Science Museum

Lonely Planet Kids

(Lonely Planet/Quarto) – hardback

Build Your Own Science Museum is a super activity book for children young and old.

A crate has arrived and it’s packed with scientific objects from all around the world.  It challenges the reader to assemble the objects in time for the museum’s big opening!  So time is of the essence.  Among the spectacular pop-ups to build are a Mars rover and a Watt steam engine.  Also, project builds include a robotic arm and a human skeleton.

This book is not just activity-based however.  Budding scientists can get creative and become an expert with hands-on STEM activities. Along the way, there are fabulous explanations of the history and importance of each of the objects being built.  There is also plenty of general science information on offer too.  This would be perfect as a project with parents at home or with teachers in the classroom.  None of the pop-up models featured require any scissors or glue in their construction.

Stunning illustrations and fascinating facts bring the subject matter to life. Learn about the first scientific explorations in Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago, last century’s Space Race and issues that affect the planet today, such as global warming.

Bookwagon is proud to add this super activity book to its science collection.  Readers may also be interested in Fantastically Great Women Scientists and Their Stories, also available in the Bookwagon on-line store.


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