Bun on the Run


Bernar sits ‘on a shiny white plate in a Baker’s shop’. He’s ‘squidgy and soft,/ sugared and spiced, perfectly round and perfectly iced.’ However, Bernard has ‘plans and a gleam in his eye’ for he’s ‘places to go and people to see’.

Then again, might Bernard be just what’s on the menu for the creature with ‘a big shaggy paw’ and then again, for one with a ‘soft, silky purr‘? It seems Bernard’s a Bun on the Run!

There’s a ‘chase, chase, chase‘ alongside a ‘race, race, race‘ for Bernard. Then again, what about a ‘hop, hop, hop‘ when a clapping goose joins the pursuit?

Could all this running, chasing and hopping mean Bernard’s in need of a nap? Or might there be others with a taste for bun? How will he escape? Then again, might Bernard not be alone in seeking a life beyond the bakery?

Bookwagon loves the rhyme, action, humour and adventure of Bun on the Run. What’s more, Chris Jevon’s sequenced, pictures are so bright and active, full of opportunities ahead for our sugared treat.

Bookwagon suggests that Bun on the Run is ideal for reading aloud, reciting, knowing well, sharing and loving. What a splendid story to add to the read aloud selection!

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Bun on the Run

Smriti Halls, with Chris Jevons


‘A big shaggy paw/, a big dribble mouth- ready to bite,/ six big teeth- sharp and white!’ Thereafter, ‘Are you a nibble treat for my tea?’ ‘No!’ for isn’t, Bernard, a Bun on the Run?
When the dog opens his jaws wide and asks Bernard to stay, this ‘sugared and spiced, perfectly iced‘ treat declines, ‘NOT ON YOUR NELLY! Nope, no way!‘ it seems the ‘chase, chase, chase‘ has begun!
However, what if Bernard’s in for further surprises? Maybe one with a ‘well brushed tail/ and soft, silky fur‘? Thereafter, could there be a ‘race, race, race‘ in store? Furthermore, what about ‘a plump little goose‘ with eyes on this ‘nibbly treat’ or even a sharp billed crow? Then again, could this be the only treat from the bakery that’s broken loose?
Smriti Halls is a dynamic, in tune, wordsmith. It means that her works, including I’m Sticking With You are classic choices in homes and schools across the country. Thereafter, alongside Chris Jevons, we’ve such a rhyming, tumbling, cheeky and action packed picture book. In fact, we consider that Bun on the Run is destined to be quoted, chanted, selected and known by many, many readers. We love it and recommend it to every family’s reading routine.


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