Busy Spring


It seems that when Daddy puts on his jumper with the hole in it, it’s a sign that a Busy Spring lies ahead. What’s more the world outside, from plants to animals, is aware of the season. They’ve been alerted by ‘nature’s alarm clock’, the ‘spring sunshine’. Thereafter, there are tadpoles in the pond, fox cubs sheltering beneath the shed and the earth is warming up.

We move with the family around the garden, watching and realising the changes and what might happen in the future. We roll ‘back a log with a fork’ to see that hedgehogs might like ‘sleeping in the compost in winter’, while it’s full of insects such as ‘worms. And a shiny beetle’ that act as ‘nature’s recyclers’.

Then again, we see the caterpillar that will ‘change into a butterfly and find a mate‘, birds singing, petals dancing and carrots being planted.

This glorious picture book concludes with an explanation as to what spring is and how it affects the world. Thereafter, it goes a little deeper, so that we see its effects on plants, from ‘roots and shoots‘ and ‘forest flowers’ to ‘tree tops’. Then we travel to the animal kingdom, to learn about individual species’ behaviour during spring, from mating and nesting, migrating thousands of miles, leaping into ponds, shedding winter coats or growing ‘velvety antlers’.

Bookwagon suggests that Busy Spring is an inspired selection for home and school bookshelves. Its format, from informative text to story telling, to such empathetic pictures from Cinyee Chiu, is a triumph. Bookwagon loves this book and its companion piece, Winter Sleep

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Busy Spring

Nature Wakes Up

Sean Taylor, Alex Morss, illustrated by Cinyee Chiu

(words & pictures)

It seems as though the garden is sleeping in winter. Yet when Dad puts on ‘his jumper with a hole’ it means that it’s ‘a good day for going outside for gardening’. Could it be before a Busy Spring there’s hope, that nature is waking up? After all, everything smells ‘like wet earth and sunshine‘.
Thereafter, might there be digging and carrying to do before planting? It seems as though ‘the birds are all busy‘ like everything else from plants to animals, for spring is a busy time.
We journey through the natural world, realising how ‘the spring sunlight is nature’s alarm clock’ so that life is ‘waking up’. Sean Taylor and Alex Morss’ text is descriptive and informative so that we feel fully engaged and inspired. Thereafter, we travel from the garden to the pond, watching the tadpoles and looking up above to the nest building birds. What’s more there are fox cubs beneath the shed who promise to roll and bounce when they are older!
After the outstanding Winter Sleep, Bookwagon is overjoyed to welcome this dedicated, intricate and perfect picture book aboard. From caterpillar to hedgehogs, Daddy’s garden fork to the thoughtful explanation of the season at the title’s conclusion, Busy Spring is a glorious book. What’s more, this is a picture book to keep, treasure, read again and again, and gift.


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