Butterflies for Grandpa Joe


Grandpa Joe has always loved butterflies.  He has spent a lifetime studying them in his beloved garden and his grandson Ben joins in with the obsession.  But since Ben’s Granny passed away, Grandpa Joe has changed and does not want to go outside. His sadness and grief has become overwhelming.

Ben is determined to help his grandpa and decides on a remarkable plan.  He will rear butterflies in his home and then take them to Grandpa Joe in his house.  Meanwhile Ben’s parents seem to be worried about their own plans for Grandpa Joe, which they won’t share with Ben.

This is a moving and charming story about family, sadness and redemption.  Another wonderful book from the marvellous Nicola Davies.

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Butterflies for Grandpa Joe

Nicola Davies, illustrated by Mike Byrne

(Barrington Stoke)

In Butterflies for Grandpa Joe, we learn of grandson Ben’s attempts to help his grandpa in his grief after losing Granny Lou.  Joe had been a keen student of butterflies, which he had encouraged into his beautiful and ramshackle garden.  Now that Joe in his sadness refuses to go outside, Ben determines to bring butterflies to him!
Nicola Davies is such a prolific and consistently brilliant author, both of fiction and non-fiction.  Many of her titles feature in the Bookwagon shop, such as King of the Sky and Grow.


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