Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain


Can Cactus Kid prove himself to his Wizard father? It seems Cactus’s Dad sees his son as a baby. Then again, his sister, Ruby, won’t let him join her to fight crime. It means that Cactus Kid‘s headed out across The Neverending Desert in search of Fire Potion ingredients. He will prove his wizarding skills! His diary details his path and achievements. It seems that all he needs now is… star rock.

However, star rock is rare and sought by many others. A small amount is the prize in the annual Moto Brawl. What’s more, Cactus Kid’s fire potions have been discovered by somebody else along the trail. What are their effects? Then again, what about the Moto Brawl? Cactus Kid‘s been invited to join Freddy, a Clam gang member, on a quest to win. After all, didn’t Freddy win second place last year?

Bookwagon loves the urgency, action, colour pop drama and humour of Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain. What a wild and imaginative ride!

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Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain

Emmanuel Guerrero

(Flying Eye Books)

Cactus’s on a mission. He details his determination to prove himself to his wizard father, and sister Ruby in his diary. They think he’s just a youngster, someone who’s too weak to join them. However, Cactus’s plans are razor sharp. Thereafter, he’s been gathering the ingredients he needs to create ‘magic stuff‘. All it will take after this will be some hero training, and then a piece of star rock.
However, that last ingredient is a tall order. Its source has been mined and only dust seems to be in evidence. What’s more, Cactus’s arrival coincides with gang warfare. While the Clams invite him to join them, it seems they’re not telling the whole story. Although they claim that Freddy won second place in the Moto Brawl the year before, it’s not true. Therefore, Cactus’s better to go it alone, isn’t he? After all, a win at the Moto Brawl guarantees the starry prize he’s after.
However, Cactus’s unaware that his bag of potions have been picked up. What’s more, it seem his fire potion has been trialled… Then again, there’s an unfamiliar entrant for the Moto Brawl who will stop at nothing to win. So how will Cactus’s plans pan out? Then again, what about Freddy?
Bookwagon welcomes a razor sharp, tropical punch coloured graphic novel aboard. Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain is a vibrant, action-packed graphic novel from Flying Eye Books. Like Fantasy Sports 1: The Court of Souls, for example, Cactus Kid: The Battle for Star Rock Mountain is a breath-taking tour-de-force! We welcome it aboard!


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