Cake for Everyone


The picnic goers’ enthusiasm for Cake for Everyone is short lived when an Eagle plucks their picnic away and soars off. The gathered animals are horrified. After all, it’s a big haul, and they’re in a scenic spot. However, Eagle’s escape is calamitous, and we watch as the tablecloth of food unravels, spilling the buffet across the coast, across the shore, over to the island. How on earth can they possibly recover their picnic?

Then again, there are others who seem paralysed with despair, while some seize the moment for a game of football. Furthermore, there are some who are keen to traverse the trunk that connects the island to the coast, and others who see it as too dangerous. What skills might each have that will enable them to recover the food? Then again, what dangers lie in wait?

Bookwagon loves the narrative. It seems there are incidents, decisions, observations upon every page. It means that as we journey, we watch the consequences of shapes and relationships, choices and interference. The again, it’s hilarious. We anticipate further disaster. That high kick for example? The tussle for the hat? The search for the food?

Bookwagon recommends Cake for Everyone for reading together, noting and discussing, lingering through, rediscovering and loving. What a magnificent picture book!

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Cake for Everyone

Thé Tjong-Khing

(Gecko Press)

It’s Cake for Everyone! It seems it’s time for the animals to congregate for a picnic. However, there’s disaster before the animals have even begun, when Eagle soars off with the food! Thereafter, the chase begins.
However, this is not a straightforward chase, for the Eagle’s theft is not straightforward. In fact, there’s a catastrophic spillage. It draws gasps of horror from the picnic-goers. After all, this spillage is across the shore, over the trunk that links the coast to an island. It’s a difficult terrain upon which to recover anything! What’s more there are characters with other problems and distractions.

What about football? What about melancholy? Then again, could there be further incidents ahead?

This wordless picture book was originally a winner of the prestigious Woutertje Pieterse Prize for Best Dutch Children’s Book  for its creator, Thé Tjong-Khing. What’s more, like Over the Shop, this story is sequential. It means that every page offers another strand, a decision, a movement that might lead to…
Bookwagon loves Cake for Everyone. In fact this is a laugh-out-loud, gasp-out-loud, dramatic and inventive picture book! Thereafter, we suggest that this picture book is ideal for reading together, talking over, lingering over alone, gifting and returning to, again and again.



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