Call Me Lion


Leo cannot believe that Richa wants to be his friend. Despite the fact he contributes nothing to their conversations, she seems to understand. Nevertheless, he writes her a letter, following the suggestion of his older sister and brother, that appears to linger at the bottom of Richa’s bag.

Leo negotiates people because of his selective mutism, staying safe from Tiffany, Maryam and Scarlett, particularly. Therefore, when the three appear at Just Jive, he’s concerned. The dancing class is one of the few arenas that Leo loses his fears and finds his feet, despite not being able to perform before adults. What’s more, Maryam and Scarlett seem determined to separate Richa from Leo. Then again, Richa has her own concerns. What is her secret? Can she trust Leo with it?

Call Me Lion is an insightful, sympathetic and engrossing novel for middle grade readers. We fall into step with Leo and understand his problem alongside how he faces obstacles in his life. It means that we know and like him and cheer on every step of the friendship. Bookwagon loves and recommends this title to our readers.

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Call Me Lion

Camilla Chester

(Firefly Press)

Leo would ask Richa to Call Me Lion, if he could. However, Leo has selective mutism. Yet it seems that this does not matter to Richa who plays with him, chatters on to him, befriends his family and makes him smile. Is it possible that a letter might explain Leo’s problem? Then again, might a shared love of dancing be something that could unite them?
It seems that dance classes are attractive to Tiffany, Maryam and Scarlett, also. Just Jive offers a release for Leo, where he might discover the music and lose the fears and awareness that his SM elicits. What’s more, Leo cannot perform beyond the classes. Therefore, will Richa stick with him? Then again, what is the secret that Richa hides?
Camilla Chester offers an empathetic and insightful novel in Call Me Lion. We feel for Leo, as we do for Jay in Every Cloud, What’s more we cheer on Richa’s unconditional friendship for Leo, alongside the support of his brother and sister. Then again, we feel protective of this brave boy, too. So can he negotiate through misunderstanding and challenges to the friendship. Is it possible that we will recognise his lion-ness beyond the red hair, to realise this character’s courage?


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