Call the Puffins!: Tiny’s Brave Rescue


Tiny doesn’t feel particularly brave. In fact he feels awkward, aware that he’s tall for a puffling, and scared that his poor sight will be realised by the officers on the Island of Egg.

Tiny depends on Muffin to lead him, so when she’s not there, he’s at sea. Then again, he’s problems spotting instructions, such as ‘Caring Badge‘ stamped upon an egg. It means he takes more time than he should and at times ends up in the wrong places. Can Tiny win a place as a Yellow Cap on the Island? Being a rescue puffin is his dream!

Then again, as he and Muffin and the other new recruits practise for they Caring Badge, they’re called upon to help on a rescue. Although Tiny confuses his route, it seems his instinctive bravery is quite astounding. However, might he have been spotted for something more?

Bookwagon loves Call the Puffins! Therefore, the chance to read more from the Island of Egg is very welcome. We are happy to help Tiny’s Brave Rescue aboard!

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Call the Puffins!: Tiny’s Brave Rescue

Cath Howe, illustrated by Ella Okstad

(Welbeck Flame)

Tiny is relieved whenever he sights Muffin ahead of him. After all, Muffin’s his best friend, and knows his secret, that he cannot see very well. it seems that each challenge that pufflings face as they work to win Yellow Cap status is more demanding. However Tiny is determined to play his part and win selection.
Thereafter, when the pair join a group training toward their Caring badge, they volunteer to collect supplies. During their task they discuss the bravery of their trainer, Officer Faroe. It’s considered that she once saw off an attack from a Scottish wildcat. Just imagine! Then again, Tiny knows that in preparing to win this badge and then on any emergency missions, he will have to prove his worth. How can anyone other than Muffin possibly know his problem? However what Tiny does in working very hard astounds his friends. It seems that he faces off the worst of dangers in fact, in Tiny’s Brave Rescue!
Bookwagon loves Call the Puffins! having introduced it to many schools. We’re delighted to learn more about Muffin’s friend, realising his courage and then understanding his determination too. ‘We’ll help you every bird and egg… ‘cos we’re rescuers of the world!‘ We welcome Call the Puffins: Tiny’s Brave Rescue aboard!


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