Can I Join Your Club?


Can I Join Your Club?’ asks Duck of Lion, Snake and Elephant. There seems to be an entry qualification. Can Duck take a breath and ROAR like Lion, or HISS like Snake, or remember like Elephant? He takes deep breaths, fluffs out his feathers and ‘BW……’

What does Duck have to do to get new friends?

‘Can I Join Your Club?’ is a recognisable situation, told engagingly. I love the drama of Duck’s attempts to pass muster, while the animal administrators appear particularly pompous and unyielding. What DOES Duck have to do?

I love the initiative and positivity in this beautifully written and realised picture book. We are delighted to welcome another tremendous John Kelly title aboard!


Can I Join Your Club?

John Kelly and Steph Laberis

(Little Tiger)

Duck asks to join Lion Club because he’s after new friends. However first he has to prove he can ‘ROAR like a lion’ What will happen when he takes a deep breath, puffs out his chest feathers and… What about when Duck tries to join Snake Club? Can he HISS like a snake? When Duck asks to join Elephant club he’s asked to ‘Listen carefully and repeat after me…’ Oh dear! Can I Join Your Club? Duck is desperate! Which club will admit him?
While there is a clear message in ‘Can I Join Your Club?’ the tone is positive and we are fully engaged. Further, Duck has an idea…
We love John Kelly’s stories, such as Fixer the Robot and What Do You Do If Your House is a Zoo? Again, this title is upbeat and purposeful. Steph Laberis’s pictures are comic book exaggerated and characterful. What a delight of a picture book!


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