Can You Keep a Secret?


Can You Keep a Secret? the beasts ask of Winnie. After all she’s been included within a world of wildness and wonder. It’s a world that her parents deny for they say that the beasts within the tapestry were chased away many years ago by her grandparents.

However, at night, Winnie dreams of dragons. When her mother calls her in as a storm grows, Winnie draws her wooden sword prepared for battle. Instead she is swept up, aboard a dragon, into the world of the last wild beasts. Yet they hide from humanity’s cruelty and treachery. Can Winnie prove that humans might be trusted? Perhaps if she feeds apple to the gryphon, paints the tree man and then scratches the lion in just the right places? Thereafter might she promise all of them that she will keep their presence a secret?

Melissa Castrillōn creates a world of wonder, myth and possibility in her beautiful picture book. The curlicues, hints of times long ago and a brave, true warrior in Winnie, exhilarate and delight. Bookwagon loves Can You Keep a Secret?

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Can You Keep a Secret?

Melissa Castrillōn

(Alison Green Books)

Can You Keep a Secret? Perhaps it is about ‘the fearsome beasts that used to live in the woods’? Although Winnie’s parents tell her that these beasts left after ‘a great battle‘, Winnie dreams of dragons. What’s more, the storms she feels are not stormy but the turbulence of…. dragons.
What if a dragon was to take Winnie to meet the creatures of the tapestry that hangs in Winnie’s house? Although they declare that humans always hurt them, Winnie throws down her wooden sword and promises to be friends. Thereafter she collects apples for the gryphon, decorates tree man with flowers and gives ‘the winged lion’s back a good long scratch‘. It’s at this point, that Winnie learns that the beasts’ ‘hullabaloo‘ is what disturbs her dreams!. Furthermore, they love Winnie’s company and want her to stay. Should she return to her parents, can she keep the beasts a secret?
Readers love the intricate, mythical illustrative style of Melissa Castrillōn, as in works such as The Balcony and The Extraordinary Gardener. There is something ‘other-worldly’, ethereal and unique in her pictures that works beautifully with this daring, magical story. Bookwagon is proud to present Can You Keep a Secret?


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