Captain Whiskers


Jackson tells a big dog, scaring a black and white cat, to ‘GO!’ and the dog does as Jackson commands. Jackson isn’t scared that the cat has alighted on his head! However, The Man With The Top Hat who appears moments later, suggests that Jackson has ‘a natural way with animals’. He assumes that Jackson has ‘lots of pets’. Jackson has none. It is a burning issue, for everyone else has pets, even his teacher!

Yet, Mum and Dad refuse his pleas. They think that dogs bark and wake everyone up at night, while cats leave fur. Dad reminds Jackson that he was once bitten by a pet rat. What is Jackson to do?

Could the casual offer from The Man With The Top Hat of a hundred cats turn into something? Thereafter, what? How will Jackson’s  parents and baby brother react? Where would a hundred cats live and sleep? Finally, what if there was one who seemed to offer a little more to Jackson’s family?

Captain Whiskers is an endearing, gentle, funny story, perfect for early chapter book readers. We suggest that this title is likely to become a favourite for rereading and sharing.


Captain Whiskers

Jeremy Strong

Illustrated by Mat Robertson

(Barrington Stoke Little Gems)

Captain Whiskers is one of the cats Jackson discovers in his garden. When he meets The Man With The Top Hat on the way to school, he’s told that ‘he has a natural way with animals‘. Jackson would love to experience this with a pet of his own. Everyone else has a pet, including his teacher, Miss Raza, who has an embarrassing parrot called Billy Boy. However, Jackson’s parents have always denied him a pet.
So when The Man With The Top Hat asks him how many cats he’d like, casually suggesting one hundred, Jackson thinks it’s a joke. Dad and Mum and toddler brother Freddie, seated on the roof, don’t think it’s a joke! What will the children at school think? Thereafter, how might Jackson ask the cats to leave?
Captain Whiskers is a clever, warm, imaginative early chapter book, just as we’d expect from the creator of Bookwagon favourite Armadillo and Hare However, I’d be wary of anyone passing by with a top hat, let alone a cat or two after reading this title!


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