Carmela Full of Wishes


Finally, Carmela is old enough to join her brother on his chores. Weaving the city streets on her scooter, she meets and greets sights and sounds old and new. Discovering a dandelion in in a pavement crack offers opportunity to dream and wish. Yet, what will Carmela wish? For her father’s papers to allow him to be reunited with the family? For her mother to sleep in a fancy hotel? For a supply of candy?

‘Carmela Full of Wishes’ is a journey of everyday life, but also of longing and absence. Its conclusion is so rich and unexpected. Carmela has tears rolling down her cheeks, but this book reader was similarly moved.

Matt De La Peña and Christian Robinson are glorious picture book makers. The stories they tell are resonant, empathetic, real and wonderful. We urge you to discover ‘Carmela Full of Wishes’. 


Carmela Full of Wishes

Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson

(Putnam)– hardback

The award-winning team behind Last Stop on Market Street return with the incomparable, ‘Carmela Full of Wishes’. It’s the day about which Carmela has dreamed. She is old enough to join her big brother on his errands. Aboard her scooter, she weaves through the city streets, planning the wishes she will make with her dandelion.


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