Catch that Chicken!


Lami is the speediest chicken catcher. It means that everyone from brother Bilal to Daddy Danlami shouts Catch that Chicken! Lami loves chickens and delights in her special skill. It seems everyone in the compound has special skills from plaiting hair, or bull rounding up as in brother Bilal.

Yet a day comes when Lami’s speedy chicken catching overspills into her racing too fast, through the compound, the bulls, to the baobab tree to….. What will be the result if Lami cannot catch chickens any more? Or are there more ways than one in rounding up chickens?

Catch that Chicken! Is a beautifully plotted picture book. We love our glimpse into Lami’s compound rich with character, industry and life. Furthermore, we wonder at her skill and those of the other children. Thereafter, we realise Lami’s disappointment and hope for a resolution. The pictures are beautiful, full of character, colour, change and interest. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this treasured picture book.


Catch that Chicken!

Atinuke, illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

(Walker Books)- hardback

Lami ‘lives in a compound with lots and lots of chickens’. It seems she is called upon to ‘Catch that Chicken!‘ by everyone in her life from Nana Nadia to Aunty Aisha! All her practising means Lami can lean, lunge and leap to catch chickens. Although her family and friends have other skills, from plaiting hair to spelling, Lami is the speediest chicken catcher.
Yet what happens to Lami on a day that her speedy chicken chasing leads her to run through the bulls, round the compound  and ‘up the big baobab’? Does disaster lie ahead? Might it put Lami off her chicken catching? Thereafter, is there any way that she might return to champion chicken catching?
Catch that Chicken! is the latest collaboration from the team that brought us the gorgeous B is for Baby. From its setting to its characters and its rich storytelling and superb pictures, Catch that Chicken! is a joy to read. We love the changes in direction and perspective, the broad spread of the compound and the moral of the story, too. This beautiful picture book is accessible, warm and encouraging. Bookwagon recommends it highly to our young readers.


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