Catching Falling Stars


Glory and Rich stay in London when their classmates are evacuated. Yet that first year of war, the phony war, is  followed by a maelstrom of bombs across the city. When their home is bombed, Glory and Rich’s evacuation from the danger is urgent. Where will they go?

The Essex village at which they arrive seems unfriendly. Their billet is unwelcoming. Glory observes her tight lips and becomes even more protective of Rich and his differences. She guards him from the village, especially the boys at the farm and the staring girl in the pub. Glory aches for home, for Mum and Dad and news of her land girl sister, Lil. Nothing in Thorntree feels right. What is Glory to do? Mum has made her promise to look after Rich.

Karen McCombie is able to put us in Glory’s shoes. We feel her anxiety, apprehensions and need to nurture Rich. Miss Saunders’ home is foreign to us and her. The country village is hostile. Can Glory and we, her readers, chip away and discover the truths beneath our fears? ‘Catching Falling Stars‘ is a readable, approachable, fluent and emotionally captivating story. We recommend it highly to our readers.


Catching Falling Stars

Karen McCombie


Glory and Rich are to stay with their parents in London. Yet London is not safe. The phony war is over and Hitler’s bombs are raining down on the city. Where will the children be safe? It’s more urgent when they lose their house. Big sister Lil has headed off as a land girl. Can Glory and Rich find a safe haven? Somewhere that they will fit in, where Rich will be understood? ‘Catching Falling Stars‘ is a warm, empathetic, rich story that catches your head and heart.


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