Caterpillar Cake


Caterpillar Cake might be filled with ‘caterpillar goo’. However, the beach is filled with skimming pebbles and a little boat that ‘bobs about/ waves at me’. Thereafter, we travel to the sky in Swing and ‘straight into space’ aboard a ‘rocket ship’. There’s a zany zoo to visit and the ‘nest of a big bumblebee‘ to hide within.

Caterpillar Cake offers rhymes and poems that entice and demand participation and thinking upon. Matt Goodfellow’s beautiful poetry is celebrated in the rich, colourful pictures of Krina Patel-Sage. We go to school where we ‘give mum/ big hug/ don’t step in mud’ all ready to BLINK! for the school photo. Thereafter we write and sneeze, listen on the carpet and play, and make discoveries.

This is a lifetime of poetry, rich and wonderful, offering delight and wonder. Bookwagon recommends Caterpillar Cake to families to share together, to nurseries and schools and then again, as an ideal gift, too. It is an assured and wonderful poetry book for young readers.

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Caterpillar Cake

Read-aloud Poems to Brighten Your Day

Poems by Matt Goodfellow, illustrated by Krina Patel-Sage

(Otter-Barry Books)– hardback

We ‘skim a little pebble‘ at the beach, before watching the ‘little boat/ on the sea‘. What’s more, we might go ‘blasting straight/ into space!- What a trip!‘  Thereafter, we might visit the ‘5 crazy crocodiles‘- ‘at the zany zoo‘. Yet, then we could choose ‘to forget everything‘ when we ‘fly/ fly/ fly’ as we ‘swing‘.
Caterpillar Cake offers rhymes, chants and such beautiful poems in a charming book illustrated enchantingly by Krina Patel-Sage. Matt Goodfellow seems to be able to step into the shoes, and see through the eyes of young readers. This means that he creates verse that could be recalled and chorused in school, e.g., ‘on the carpet feeling great/ on the carpet/ listen, learn/ on the carpet/ take a turn’… 
It seems he’s aware of the magic of discoveries too, as shown with poems such as My Shell, so that we can imagine the delight. Thereafter,  we ‘hold it up proud/ in the palm of my hand// we’ll sing of the sun and the salt and the sea’. 
Bookwagon loves Caterpillar Cake. We suggest this is a superb choice to read together at bedtime alongside sharing in nursery and school too. This is a wonderful selection of poetry.


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