Cats and Robbers


‘Cats and Robbers‘ are on the prowl. The robbers have been keeping watch on a big, old, empty house. They’re not interested in the Moany Lisas, but a splendiferous, superior safe. It’s ‘full of loot’. Little do the robbers realise, that in turn, they are being watched- by cats. What dastardly plans do the cats have to keep the robbers at bay?

Russell Ayto’s framing and perspective are the icing on the picture book cake creation! The language is enticing, and ripe for repetition. The shafts of light he beams into the nighttime antics heighten the drama. I love the way he has sequenced the pictures so that we follow the movement across the page, up and down stairs and through windows. The wide, slanting eyes of his characters are tricky and full of mischief. The onomatopoeia used in the confrontation is huge fun. This is ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ meets feline ‘Get Smart’! ‘Cats and Robbers‘ is a delight! We love this title and recommend it highly!


Cats and Robbers

Russell Ayto


Splendiferous! Superior! Maybe, not safe? ‘Cats and Robbers’ is a tremendous comedy caper! An empty, big, old house, watched by three robbers? They have a plan! What are they after? Will they get their loot? Not if the cats have anything to do with it….


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