Change Sings


It might take ‘some courage’ to show tolerance, but then again, we need to ‘fight’ to build a ‘bigger bridge’ rather than a ‘taller fence’. Then again, we have more in common, than our differences, for our needs and wishes are all the same.

It seems that when Change Sings, it builds ‘a movement that roars and springs’. What’s more this change is within each of us, for we can choose to show love and be the person we want to be. We choose to make the change that ‘grows like seeds’ within our community and then, our planet too. For youth, love and a ‘bright heart’ is what the world needs.

Poet Amanda Gorman stirs and inspires with her beautiful poem, a children’s anthem, Change Sings.

This is a poetry picture book to read, recite, know, share and feel. What’s more, Loren Long’s pictures are glorious, with their changes in perspective, cinematic colour, considered characterisations. Bookwagon recommends that reads ‘hear change strumming’ that they ‘sing along‘ with the magnificent Change Sings.

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Change Sings

A Children’s Anthem

Amanda Gorman, pictures by Loren Long

(Penguin Random House)

‘I don’t fear change coming,/ And so I sing along.’  Might you ‘scream with the skies‘ or ‘dream with the cries’? It seems there is ‘hope‘ in the ‘chant that rises and rings’. Then again, this chant is of the ‘planet; where each might lift ‘a hand‘. Whats more, it’s about taking ‘a knee to make a stand’.
There is love where Change Sings.
Alongside her rhyming poem of stirring hope and resolution, poet, Amanda Gorman, tells a story of community. Therefore, we realise the fragility of our planet, alongside the needs of too many in our society. What’s more, this is a positive poem so that we watch through the bright, sunlit, cinematic pictures of Loren Long. They are emotional, like this glorious poem.
It means that we hope alongside our two storytellers, for the ‘courage’ needed to build ‘tolerance‘. After all, it’s all about building ‘a better bridge’. These are determinations that stirred the globe through The Hill We Climb, recited at President Biden’s inauguration.
Bookwagon loves and is inspired by Change Sings. This is a picture book to read and share and know in homes and schools. We recommend this wonderful picture poetry book highly to all our readers.


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