Charlie Chooses


Charlie has problem in choosing everything. Whether it be the right ice cream flavour, which pants to wear, or what sort of weather he’ll dress for, Charlie is confused and worried. Why, even at bedtime, he’s uncertain as to whether to leave the light on, or turn it off! It means he doesn’t sleep!

Therefore, he elects to get help when it comes to choosing the best birthday present. Yet there are so many choices that he’s overwhelmed. Maybe taking a breath from all the choices will help? Or could there be a leaflet about Rescue Centre dogs that sparks something in Charlie!

Before long, Charlie is amid a wealth of different dogs at the Rescue Centre. Yet which one to choose? Or could it be that one might take the decision right out of Charlie’s hands by choosing him?

Charlie Chooses is a delightful picture book, warm, funny and empathetic. Bookwagon loves Lou Peacock’s and Nicola Slater’s picture books and recommends them highly. Welcome aboard Charlie Chooses!

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Charlie Chooses

Lou Peacock and Nicola Slater

(Nosy Crow)

There’s a problem when Charlie Chooses. From ice-cream flavours to what to wear outside, it seems that Charlie is at a loss. Sometimes he worries so much about making the wrong choice that he makes no choice at all! Or when it comes to turning his light off or leaving it on in bed at night, his uncertainty means he doesn’t sleep. Poor Charlie!
Therefore, when it comes to choosing the right present for his birthday, Charlie is stuck. It seems The Big Book of Perfect Presents suggests anything from racing cars, top hats, hot dogs or ant farms! Charlie gives up, until…. what about a dog from the rescue centre! (Something like Battersea Dogs and Cats Home) Thereafter which one to choose? Or is it possible that Charlie’s decision is taken out of his hands by four waggy, shaggy, brown, white, scampering paws?
Lou Peacock and Nicola Slater are the picture book pair behind Mr Browns’ BAD Day and Nuts! What a pleasure it is to have another entertaining title from them to enjoy! Yet again the story is thoroughly enjoyable and funny, the dilemma understandable, and the pictures wide-eyed, captivating, colourful and sympathetic. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome Charlie Chooses aboard!


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