Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth


Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth because he can! He’s learned how to focus on all his worries and anger so that he can become any animal he wants…. well maybe he hasn’t got that part quite right! If he wants to become something very small that might wriggle in to Dylan van der Gruyne’s pocket and remove a key for example, well? Or possibly transform into a very fast animal that would mean he’d not be late for the school trip to the zoo? What might he become? (It’s nothing you’d expect and neither should you contemplate its behaviour too closely- eurgh!)

Unfortunately, Dylan’s onto Charlie’s secret. What’s more he’s threatening to expose him to the world so as to pay Charlie back for an incident that occurred when they were in Year 2. Year 2? Charlie is racking his brains! However, Dylan’s not very happy. Furthermore he seems to be covered in scratches, and then there are a couple of terrifying incidents where Charlie comes rather too close to him…

It’s the third title in Sam Copeland’s uproarious trilogy. We love the chat, disgusting humour, friendship, confusion, loyalty and disaster that hurry and galumph through this title. Hold onto your noses, prepare to laugh out loudly, as we welcome aboard Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth. 

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Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth

Sam Copeland, illustrated by Sarah Horne


Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth, or does he? There may be other animals into which Charlie transforms for Charlie’s learned  he has the power to burst beyond his Charlie- ness. It seems that all it takes is for him to think about the problems at home  until his emotions overwhelm him. At that point, Charlie becomes a lion? Or maybe a flea? Although Charlie can make the transformation, it’s evident that he can’t predict which creature he’ll become.
It’s a problem, especially since Dylan van der Gruyne has realised Charlie’s special skill. Furthermore, he’s out to expose him! What can Charlie do to keep a lid on things? It’s especially hard when his parents’ situation is difficult to deal with, and after  Flora draws the gang’s attention to all the lost pet notices around town. Then there’s a visit to the zoo? How can all of this be interrelated? What’s more Charlie’s personally concerned about the absence of the Great Catsby? Where is his cat?
We love the chaos, the ‘chats to camera’, and the add-on information included within this series. In addition, we delight in Sarah Horne’s expressive illustrations (especially after seeing Sam Copeland’s efforts). After Charlie Changes Into a Chicken and Charlie Turns Into a T-Rex, it’s a joy to welcome Charlie Morphs Into a Mammoth aboard the wagon! Prepare to grip your sides and hold onto your pockets! It’s a laugh-out-loud, snort with delight (and disgust) book you’re guaranteed to enjoy.


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