Charlie & Mouse: Lost and Found


During four stories within Charlie & Mouse: Lost and Found, we join the brothers on searches and discoveries. This latest addition to an award-winning series, opens with Mouse’s distress when he can’t find Blanket. Charlie assures him that it must be somewhere. After all, aren’t things always somewhere? Thereafter they begin their hunt, to discover Blanket hiding…

The dog outside the store isn’t hiding, but then it’s definitely alone. What’s more, agrees, after they’ve waited a very long time for its owner to return, that the dog might come to them should they call the right name. Is there a name that might work? Is it possible that Charlie and Mouse might be going home with a dog? Then again, how will Kittenhead react to this new arrival?

The theme and then the setting, events and relationships are so relatable. We recognise Charlie’s patience with his little brother and then the joy and boredom that they experience too.

The Charlie and Mouse series is ideal for readers newer to chapter books. We are delighted to welcome Charlie & Mouse: Lost and Found, aboard.

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Charlie & Mouse: Lost and Found

Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes

(Chronicle)– hardback

What do you do if you can’t find Blanket? That’s Mouse’s dilemma. Thank heaven for Charlie’s good advice, for he reminds his younger brother, that Blanket ‘is somewhere. He can’t be nowhere.‘ Thereafter, the pair look about the house and then into the yard. That’s when Charlie’s aware of something…
They’re both aware of the dog outside the store. Until that moment, errands at the post office and the bank are really dull. However, the possibility of a lost dog in need of a home changes everything. Furthermore, after waiting a long time, it seems the dog is definitely on its own. That’s when Mum suggests seeing if it comes to either Charlie’s or Mouse’s call. What name might it respond to?
These are the first two chapters of the latest addition to this award-winning series from Laurel Snyder and Emily Hughes. Charlie &  Mouse: Lost and Found offers familiar settings and a warm, relevant subject matter. For example, hasn’t ‘Everyone – always wanted a dog”  What’s more the precise storytelling alongside the inviting pictures of expert picture book illustrator Emily Hughes make this book, like Charlie & Mouse Outdoors, amongst others, is agreeably readable. Therefore, Bookwagon welcomes Charlie & Mouse: Lost and Found, and recommends it highly to our newest readers of chapter books.


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