Charlie & Mouse Outdoors


We are delighted to welcome four further stories from Charlie & Mouse with Charlie & Mouse Outdoors. The family is camping. This involves a long and boring car journey, with Dad urging the brothers to create a story. Could the hawk they spy be holding a dragon? Thereafter, the sticks that the boys collect on their hike inspires a monstrous battle alongside some natural discoveries.
Although Charlie insists that he likes his marshmallows ‘black and crinkly’, his family do not believe him. Surely he’d prefer them melted and gooey, wouldn’t he?

Emily Hughes’ pictures are so welcoming and warm; they help us ‘know’ the brothers. Laurel Snyder’s compact sentences within the beautifully structured pages are encouraging to newer readers. However, it’s the story, the whole package, that matters here. Bookwagon loves this series and recommends it wholeheartedly to your newer readers.

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Charlie & Mouse Outdoors

Laurel Snyder, illustrated by Emily Hughes

(Chronicle)– hardback

We are travelling with Charlie & Mouse Outdoors. However, Charlie considers ‘This is boring.’ Dad suggests they make up a story. At each change along the journey, Charlie adds another part, so ‘there was a small white house near a great green mountain.’ However, his story doesn’t do much until he and Mouse spy a hawk… could it be that the hawk is holding a dragon?
Thereafter, what happens when Charlie and Mouse hike along a trail with their parents. Maybe there are sticks and monsters and… pigs?
Following the story of Charlie & Mouse we realise anew their adventures, wonder and friendship. We are delighted to welcome Charlie & Mouse Outdoors to Bookwagon.


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